Your next career move could be right around the corner. I get it, motivation wise it would be really nice to sit at home and collect a check. There are tons of activities and projects around the house or apartment you never have time to get to, so if you just won the lottery or maybe $10,000 cash it would be ideal, however. Life is gonna take us all on an adventure and sitting on our butts, most of the time doesn't pay the bills so I have to ask. When was the last time you updated your resume or really put your best foot forward by signing-up or logging back into LinkedIn?

It's been a minute for me, but I figured I can't be preaching to the choir if I'm not even checking so below are the jobs most recently listed that I could find. If you would like to add more to the list please message us anytime

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Fast Food Restaurants Remain Firm Favourites With UK Consumers
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Domino's Pizza is hiring at their 3rd and Washington location, the WV store located at 420 S. 72nd, and possibly the Selah store as well :)

Sarah Johnson

Nino's Mexican Grill has the sign outside the Summitview location and I called their number (509) 367-6308 but don't have anything more to report on this one for now.

  • Criminal Defense Services Incorporated is hiring a Private Investigator (uncovering police brutality and more) that will pay $50 per hour and they are also a Computer Technician at $22 an hour. Please send your resume via and if you need help getting your P.I license, they can help!
  • Townsquare Media/Sarah J
    Townsquare Media/Sarah J

    Viera's Bakery is hiring a part-time cookie decorator and depending on your skill set this could turn into a full-time position

    Townsquare Media
    Townsquare Media

    Valley Mall is hiring seasonal workers for the following stores; Bath and Body Works, Zales, Kohls, Carter's Babies and Kids, and Macy's

  • The Dollar General is currently being built in Zillah and they are in the process of hiring
  • Merakis location
    Nayssa DeVora Davis

    Meraki Creations is hiring a line cook and servers currently, please send your resume to

  • Medstar is searching for drivers, they also hire all over the state. Find the details at 
  • The Pepp'rmint Stick Drive-In is hiring in Yakima. I asked what the position was for and I was told you will be doing a little bit of everything
  • Paragon Films in Union Gap is ready to add you to their team
  • Carpet Masters/Carpet One is hiring an office manager/bookkeeper - Qualifying Resumes only please send to
  • Burlington is hiring for seasonal positions currently
  • East-Side-Target-Store1

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    • Two openings at the BLehl in Zillah full-time front counter positions

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