Couples Mark Valentines Day In Times Square
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Call it an unintended consequence but Coronavirus lockdown might actually be good for couples.  A study by the Marriage Foundation in the UK found that 20 percent of married parents felt their relationship had strengthened while only nine percent said theirs worsened during the pandemic.

Researchers also found that less than one percent of married fathers and only slightly more than two percent of mothers were considering divorce – reflecting a decrease by two-thirds compared to pre-Covid times according to reporting in the Daily Mail.

Harry Benson, the Marriage Foundation's Research Director and one of the report's authors said: 'Our study debunks claims that lockdown is leading to a divorce boom.


While some might say familiarity breeds contempt, with previously committed couples the opposite seems to be true.  "Analysis of a national survey last week found half of married adults said their appreciation of their partner had increased and commitment had deepened. ...Although stress levels in parental relationships have risen with so much uncertainty about jobs, money, and being unable to go out or socialize, lockdown appears to have affirmed the commitment of married parents".

Do the benefit extend to unmarried couples in the same way?  Study says No.


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