It's a niche market but oh what a fabulous market. Pumpkin in beverages!  Soda, cider, even beer.

Imagine gathering up all the goodies of the fall season and mash 'em up and you've got, well...this!  Dunkin' Donuts, pumpkin, coffee, and beer!  Only one problem - location, location, location.  I'll explain.

Dunkin' Donuts has teamed up with Catawba Brewing company to create Dunkin' Punkin Brown Ale--flows off the lips doesn't it-- a cold brew pumpkin-flavored beer that uses Dunkin' Donuts flavorings to give it a special kick.

Now to that location thing.  As amazing as this beverage sounds , Elite Daily reports the only way to get it is by visiting the Catawb Brewer in North Carolina.

Sounds worth the trip!  (Elite Daily)

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