By now you probably know that the Los Angeles Rams football team will be playing in the Super Bowl in two weeks against the Cincinnati Bengals and while football is a team sport, a great case could be made that the most valuable player in all of football this season is wide receiver Cooper Kupp of, now of L.A.

Kupp grew up here, played his high school sports here at A.C. Davis, and hasn't forgotten that he's from here.

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Family Values Drive Kupp's Success

His faith, his work ethic, his loyalty, and his sense of family all developed in Yakima and are now showcased for all to see and appreciate in the entertainment capital of the world.

A couple years back Kupp was the subject of an NFL Uncovered video.  It is great.  Lots of pictures of Yakima, you hear from his athletic director and coach, he talks about the work he has put in to become who he is today -the best receiver in the NFL (though you would never hear him make that claim, he's much to sincerely modest.)

The Numbers Don't Lie

But he doesn't have to say a word, his statistics do the talking and the expert commentators do the gushing. This season the numbers would say this is the best year any receiver has EVER had all-time in the National Football League.

It's a testament to focus, not just hard work but working harder than everybody else, keeping positive, and living his faith in God that tells him there is something ahead even much greater than football.  Talk about a role model for kids everywhere!

This Is What Our Football Heroes Used To Be

There is no swagger with Kupp.  No outward demonstrations that demand your attention. There is just his technical relentless dedication to perfection that provides results that ultimately command your attention.  This season he won the "triple crown of football" with the most catches, most yards, most touchdowns, as well as most receiving yards ever in a single season and he still has one game to go.

The BIG game.  He missed it the last time the Rams played in the Super Bowl.  Kupp was recovering from a season-ending knee injury and the team lost.  This time he's healthy and better than before.  In three playoff games so far he's averaged almost 130 yards per game with a total of four touchdowns.  I don't know if the Rams will win the Super Bowl but I believe almost everyone in Yakima will be cheering for them.

And if they do win, I expect Cooper Kupp to play a major role in the teams' success as much as I expect him to sincerely give everyone else the credit when it happens.

Do yourself a favor.  Watch the two videos attached.  "Cooper Kupp: Uncovered" and "10 things you didn't know about Cooper Kupp."  Both do a wonderful job of explaining who the young man is and highlighting his path to excellence.

I am a big fan and I encourage you to jump on the Cooper Kupp bandwagon.  It's been an amazing journey so far and if the past is any indication, the best is yet to come!

Noy everybody can be Cooper Kupp, but most of us could be better than we are at what we do with a measure of his dedication.  America has a way of building up our superstars and then we seem to take too much pleasure in tearing them down.  If anybody is immune to that I'm betting on Kupp.

Self Made Man

He didn't rely on media or hype to get where he is.  He put in the work.  Nobody can take that away so if you are a Bengals fan, you have every reason to worry that while others are caught up in the Super Bowl hoopla, Kupp will be in the weight room, in the film room, in the living room with family and on his knees before his Lord.  Yeah, I'd be worried.

For Cooper Kupp Fans, see if you knew all this about Yakima's football hero.

Cooper Kupp Highlights in NFC Championship Win


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