KIT is a conservative News/Talk radio station. Most of our listeners and callers are conservative but every once in a while one of Yakima's 30% to 40% of democrats will call in and like today, it always gets the phones ringing with people more than willing to call out or rebut our local liberals. .

A gentleman named Don called today and said we could call him lefty because he is admittedly a leftwing caller .  He quickly proved that to be true and he went on a bit of a tear about his hatred for former President trump.

Don served in the Army back in the day and we thank him for his service.  He sounded like the kind of guy with whom one could have an interesting conversation but he was reluctant to let us get a word in edgewise!  I suspect he anticipated some other kind of welcome and he wanted to make sure he got it all off his chest before we pulled his plug.

But as our regular listeners know, we don't pull the plug.  Lance wishes I would some times but I always want to hear what folks from here, but who are on the other side of the political spectrum, have to say and to explore why they think they way they do.

So we invite Don to come back, take a little more time and have a reasonable exchange, a real conversation.  He said he hates the tribalism in the Country so here is a chance for his tribe to meet with ours and find out where there is common ground.

If you missed it, here's Don, with compliments of the magician and the clown!

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