Love them or hate them, you can't argue with their consistency.  Demonstrated excellence over an extended period of time.  Next man up. Do your job.  The New England Patriots under coach Bill Belichick and Quarterback Tom Brady have won 6 Superbowl Championships. Belichcick has two more as an assistant coach with the New York Giants.  Demonstrated excellence over an extended period of time!

They aren't the Yankees with George Steinbrenner's checkbook buying up all the big name talent in baseball.  They aren't the Golden State Warriors with a starting five of basketball All-Stars.

What they are is collection of mostly no-name players who fit the system and do their job -- with the occasional superstar coming and going.

What they are is a brilliant coach with the acumen and instinct to search out and exploit the opponents weaknesses while neutralizing their strengths.  They are a disciplined culture where players don't make the self-defeating mistakes that other teams do.  What they are is a quarterback with a relentless drive, honed to be a coach on the field, who inspires blind faith and confidence from his teammates by the way he routinely finds a way to win.

Some of us fans can appreciate that, others can't.  Some fans are more interested in variety than in consistency.

Time will catch up with them sooner or later, the clock always wins.  But for now, they are the oldest men playing a kid's game, better than anyone has ever played it before.


  • Oldest head coach, winning team: Belichick (66)
  • Longest punt: Johnny Hekker (65 yards)
  • Most games, team: 11 (New England)
  • Fewest points, game, both teams: 16
  • Fewest points, game, winning team: 13 (Patriots)
  • Fewest points through three quarters, both teams: 6
  • Fewest touchdowns, game, both teams: 1
  • Fewest PATs, game, both teams: 1
  • Fewest kickoff returns, game, both teams: 2
  • Most consecutive drives ending with a punt, game, team: 8 (Rams)


  • Most field goals, career: 7, Stephen Gostkowski
  • Most receptions, first half: 7, Julian Edelman
  • Most punt returns, career: 8, Julian Edelman
  • Most games won, team: 6, New England
  • Fewest points, game, team: 3, Rams
  • Fewest touchdowns, game, team: 0, Rams
  • Most first downs by penalty, game, team: 4, New England
  • Fewest touchdowns, passing, game, both teams: 0
  • Fewest fumbles lost, game, both teams: 0


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