The Yakima County Development Association is teaming up with ESD 105 to partner kids with businesses who offer jobs in STEM subjects.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

These organizations want to let up-and-coming students know that if they want to pursue jobs in the stem field, they can find many opportunities in the central Washington area.

New Vision and ESD 105 are working on a series of videos with employers that will give tours of their facilities and show different STEM jobs you can find locally.

For example, you might not think of the fruit packing industry needing these skills but they need someone to maintain and program some of their computerized assembly lines.

"The teachers don't have time to go out and do this stuff themselves, but they would love to be able to tie in their lessons to actual relevant local needs in these workplaces," said ESD Regional Science Coordinator Michael Brown.

New Vision says many employers are starting to recover from the recession and many of them are looking to hire people with experience in the math and science fields.

ESD 105 is also working with a number of individual businesses on outreach activities with schools including Shields Bag and Printing and Liberty Bottleworks.