We're number one, we're number one. Misery loves company and you don't want to be number one in this case!  So welcome aboard Kittitas County, Benton County, Franklin County and Walla Walla County.  The combined continued misery is ours, as these entities, along with Yakima County, make up the South Central District, one of 8 zones determined by the Governor as part of the Healthy Washington Plan dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

At the Governor's reset, all zones started in phase1 with the greatest level of restrictions.  In order to move to phase 2, the numbers from each zone must meet three out out of four of the state's criteria --show a 10% decrease in trending cases, a 10% decrease in hospital admissions, an ICU occupancy of less than 90% and a positive test rate of less than 10%.

McKinney told KIT News this morning (2/12/21) that Yakima county met the criteria and was eligible to move to the less restrictive phase 2 - EXCEPT - that the totality of numbers from Yakima and the other four counties in our zone held us back.


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