Washington’s universities and colleges are trying to figure out if they'll require students to be vaccinated for COVID-19 before they can return to their classrooms in the fall. In Yakima however Yakima Valley College officials say they will continue to offer students online classes through the 2021 fall quarter.
YVC President Linda Kaminski says “this is a decision that needs to be made now in order to complete the development of YVC’s course schedule for the fall, offer advising to our students and provide adequate time for our entire campus community to plan while we look forward to resuming regular operations, our campus community has displayed tremendous resilience during this pandemic and I know that will continue.”
While Yakima Valley College is keeping students off campus for the upcoming fall quarter other colleges and universities are contemplating on whether to require the vaccination before they allow students to return to campus.

Yakima Health District Spokesperson Lilian Bravo says in Washington State it's likely the schools will require a copy of a students immunization records.
She says all immunization records are recorded in the Washington State Immunization System. Bravo says depending on your age, a person can either get the records online if they were born after 1990 or by contacting their health care provider.
The system didn't go online until 1990 so everything before that was recorded by hand but the information is still available from health care providers. Bravo says whenever someone gets the COVID-19 vaccine, it is supposed to be logged into that statewide immunization system by the administering provider.

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