Symbol: computer virus, Trojan horse
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We need another wall—around the internet.  Those virus villains, those malware miscreants, lurking, waiting to pounce and ruin our fun.  All a person wants to do is check out their favorite celebrity, see what excesses they’ve been up to, who they have been with, where they went, ate, bought, posed, shared, spent, drank, ETC!  But those are dangerous waters and  Intel Security is out with a list of the celebrities that are most likely to pose a risk of getting a downloaded virus or other malware to your computer.  Intel says it's not just those click-bait "nude photos" that can put you at risk – in fact just searching for music and/or musicians through illegitimate channels can   be problematic as well.

Click on their name in a search engine at your own risk.

The top 10:
10. Kesha
9. Selena Gomez
8. Daniel Tosh
7. Chris Hardwick
6. Miley Cyrus
5. Rihanna
4. Will Smith
3. Carson Daly
2. Justin Bieber
1. Amy Schumer

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