Yakima city officials say they continue to work to find a solution to rotten smell coming from the pond at Randall Park. Yakima Wastewater Manager Mike Price says what's happening is a natural process of decomposing organic matter. But Price says they're trying to figure out what's making it smell worse then years before when the same thing was happening but didn't create the odor.

Price says they're looking at a drain pipe that brings water to the pond to see if there's something going on upstream. He says there's a very low flow coming from the pipe and that could be contributing to the problem.  But at this point they haven't found anything unusual. He says cooler weather with more rain will help ease the problem by increasing the flow of water in the drain pipe and slowing the decomposing process. Price says he and the Director of the Parks Department Ken Wilkinson are working to find a solution because he says neighbors want the smell to disappear.

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