It's Better to Give Than To Receive, right?  SO, if you ARE going to give, and you want the receiver to actually receive, you better get at giving!  (It's a shipping thing)
Global consulting experts at AArete, says,“Every mode of shipping is already under tremendous pressure due to COVID-19-related and holiday shopping constraints, and vaccine delivery just adds another element of disruption to the already fragile mix.” 
According to Yahoo Finance news, folks planning on sending out some Christmas gifts, you’re better off doing so sooner rather than later with December 15th (That's TOMORROW) as the deadline for ground shipping for UPS, FedEX, and the U.S. Postal Services this year—nearly identical to 2019 deadlines.
And despite the challenges of this year, FedEx and UPS have expanded weekend deliveries and hired more workers, as well as enforced limits on how many packages companies can send out a day and introduced steep holiday surcharges.


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