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The Coronavirus pandemic has pushed large numbers of Americans from their traditional office settings to working from home and according to a new survey, nearly half of them have secretly stopped working early to have an alcoholic drink at least once.

Now to some of the "To-rename-anonymous-hard-charging- radio-d.j.-type's",   the prospect of a sippy sip at work probably comes as no surprise. In fact, perhaps even a toast with nothing to toast is seen as a right of passage for some industry rebels. (AHEM)

Anyway, The survey conducted by OnePoll for HOP WTR also found that another 45 percent of home bound workers admitted having an alcoholic drink during the workday.

Are you kidding!  (of course there aren't a lot of at-home-surgeries or things of that nature and stature, so that's good!)

More than half, 53 percent said they've been drinking more frequently during lockdown, and more than 60 percent said virtual happy hours with their co-workers has increased their alcohol consumption during quarantine.

Folks used to say not to buy a Detroit car made on a Monday because of possible defects born of hangover made mistakes.  We aren't there yet with covert covid drinkers, are we?  Cheers!

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