So far so good say health officials in Yakima.
There are currently no reported confirmed cases of measles in Yakima County. State officials say Washington is experiencing an outbreak of measles in Clark County (41 current confirmed cases), with spread to King County and Multnomah County in Oregon.  The State Department of Health is providing support for impacted communities and health departments. Melissa Sixberry with the Yakima Health District says "now is a good time to check the immunization records of your kids and yourself."
According to the World Health Organization a community needs a minimum of 90% of its members to be vaccinated to help prevent measles outbreaks. Our current Yakima County vaccination rate is 89.4%. So what can you do to help keep measles out of this community? If you're not immunized get the shot Today. Sixberry says it's important that patients know their measles vaccination status.

Individuals are considered immune and NOT a suspect for measles if:
They are born before January 1st, 1957.

They are 12 months old through preschool-aged and have documentation of one MMR vaccine.

They are school-aged children or adults and have documentation of two MMR vaccines after 12 months of age and at least 28 days apart

They have lab confirmed immunity to measles

They have physician-documented history of measles disease

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