Chase embodies the reality of country living. His genuine songs about life, love, family, and self-respect draw from his personal experiences as a rancher, ranging from the hardships of working the land to enjoying its simple pleasures. He'll be performing live at Downtown Summer Nights on August 8th.

Listen to Chase's song 'True Love'

Country music touches the soul of those who understand the rewards of a hard day’s work. Waking at the dark of dawn and sweating until the work is done and the stars light the way home to family and friends. The importance of every little thing, from a cool breeze on the neck to the sound of crickets at night, is felt more deeply in the heart of people who understand their worth and earn their pay. Genuine labor can reveal what a man is capable of, enriching his life with a confidence and self-respect obtained through calloused hands and a sore back.

Born on a leap year, Chase enjoys any outdoor activity, ranching, hunting, woodworking, photography, and spending time with family. He began singing along to Alan Jackson songs during the long hours in a tractor. Chase doesn’t wear his boots and hat for show only on the weekends. Growing up on a 17,000 acre ranch and working full time with his family raising cattle and growing hay means there is no such thing as taking a “sick day” or weekend off. As a rancher, Chase understands the heavy responsibility on his shoulders to provide for so many, yet goes to sleep at night embracing the fact that he'll be sweating long before the rest of the world hits the snooze bar. Chase sings about his love for this honest lifestyle and the lessons it teaches along with the pain and loss he’s experienced.

Bringing fear and devastation for the survival of everything Chase knows and loves, a fire nearly destroyed his family's ranch in 2008. His family worked to rebuild with the strong support of the community. Not long after the fences were mended, his personal life unraveled with the divorce from his high school sweetheart. Coping with betrayal and heartbreak, Chase’s pain manifests itself through his music with a driving rhythm and powerful voice that is catching fans’ attention. The love and support of his family, friends and fans along with his genuine desire to succeed as a professional musician so he can pay off the loans on the ranch and support his family are what motivates Chase. He now volunteers as a firefighter and wants to raise funds to help support other volunteer fire departments across the country.