The frightening Terror on the Ave will be doing more than scaring its visitors this Thursday -- it will be helping out a good cause.

A portion of the proceeds that night will be donated to the nonprofit Wine Country Crushers, who work to develop positive, healthy behaviors and self-images among women. The Crushers, a local roller derby team, are also active in the community as they they try to make the Yakima Valley a better place to live.

The theme of community and empowerment for women is the primary goal of the Crushers, and they have started a junior team for young girls starting at age 14. Women who are interested in joining do not need to be part of the competitive team or even know how to skate. The team's focus is on diversity and a safe environment.

Each year, Terror on the Ave and its sponsors get together to find a group that is all about improving Yakima and the surrounding valley. One night each year will be deemed Charity Night and proceeds from ticket sales will go towards helping that charity.

To find out more about the Wine Country Crushers, or to join their ranks, visit them at or hit them up on their Facebook.