Ever heard of Bill Burr?  If you use a computer chances are very good that Bill Burr has been a burr under your saddle for some time.

How many passwords have you changed during your tech life?  Bill Burr may not know how many but you can bet he knows why!  Our current radio group ownership requires a password change every couple of months and its gotten to the point I can't remember half of mine!

Bill Burr is the man who came up with the guidelines that have us putting numbers, characters, upper- and lower-case letters, and more special characters into our passwords, and also changing them often, is now saying he was wrong.   VINDICATION!

On August 7th the Wall Street Journal quoted 72-year-old Bill Burr as saying, "Much of what I did I now regret."   Hey buddy, I regret it too!

Here's the lamest part.  It turns out that Burr's guidelines, which were first published in 2003, don't really work!

Even with the upper/lower/capital/symbol approach, most people still make predictable password changes which are easy to guess.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has changed its tune and is now saying that passwords should be long and easy to remember, such as a phrase-like four words, and only need to be changed if there's been a breach.

Thanks Bill Burr, Thanks for nothing!!!  Hey, that might make a good pas

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