Caterpillar plans to move 200 engineering jobs from South Milwaukee to Arizona as part of the creation of a central hub for its surface mining and technology offices. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey said the move would create more than 600 new jobs in Tucson over the next five years, including positions in executive management, engineering, product development and support positions.

The EPA has admitted in news reports that it should not have funded a campaign in Washington State known as, due to that campaign’s lobbying of state legislators in contravention of federal law. The campaign, which was wholly funded by the EPA, used grant awards to fund a website, radio ads, and billboards depicting dead fish and polluted water, urging individuals to contact their state legislators and, “hold the agricultural industry to the same level of responsibility as other industries.

”Northwest Cherries" released their first estimates for the 2016 season on Tuesday. The first look at the 2016 season predicts a seven percent increase over 2015 to 20.7 million boxes of cherries which would be the third highest on record.

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