Turkey Farmers of Canada, an organization representing Canada’s 500 plus turkey farms, says imports allowed by the Trans-Pacific Partnership will hurt the Canadian turkey industry. The organizations Mark Davies told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation the TPP would open the door to more American imports, and said Canada can’t compete with what he called “U.S. corporate farms.” Davies said “there’s plants down in the States that would process as much in a few weeks or a month than we would in a year,” and that the trade deal would cost Canadian jobs.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that he says will curb the overuse of antibiotics in livestock. He called the overuse of antibiotics an urgent public health problem. The bill allows exemptions when a licensed veterinarian determines antimicrobial drugs are needed to treat a disease or infection, to control the spread of a disease, or in relation to surgery or a medical procedure, according to an analysis prepared for the Legislature. The law, which takes effect in 2018, also eliminates the availability of livestock antibiotics for over-the-counter sales.

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