If you are a dog owner you're being encouraged to be a part of the national Dog Aging Project. The project will track 10,000 pet dogs around the country for 10 years to find why some dogs live longer lives than others. A major recruitment effort is now underway.
Owners of any kind of dog at any age and any type of living situation can nominate their pet at the website, dogagingproject.org.
According to a news release "researchers at the Texas A & M University College of Veterinary Medicine and the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle are leading the project, along with partners at more than 14 institutions across the United States. These include veterinary colleges, medical schools and research institutes. Dog owners become part of a community of citizen scientist to help researchers  find out how genetics, environment, behavior and habits influence dog longevity.
The Dog Aging Project will be the largest, longest research study on dog health of its type."

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