**A coalition of California lawmakers, in a letter to House leadership, have requested a disaster recovery package to aid California farms and ranches devastated by historic storms this year.

It was pointed out in the letter that from December 27 thru January 16, California had nine powerful storms, each of which held as much water as a hurricane.

Areas of California saw more than $500 million in estimated flood and storm damage to agricultural operations.

Subsequent storms have complicated recovery efforts.

China To Raise Tariffs On $60 Billion Of U.S. Goods, Escalating Trade War
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**They are one of the biggest trading partners for the U.S., but China may be attempting to change that.

The South China Morning Post reports, the country aims to increase soybean production this year in an attempt to become more self-sufficient, with escalating geopolitical tensions one of the big reasons for the change.

But, Chinese farmers appear less motivated to grow more beans because of low market prices.

Organic Food's Popularity Soars In The U.S.
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**The U.S. dairy industry is concerned about plant-based milks in grocery stores carrying the label “milk.”

The Food and Drug Administration announced it is reopening the public comment period on draft guidance for labeling plant-based products.

Food Safety News says the draft recommendations were initially published in February and are for industry comments on naming plant-based beverages that are marketed and sold as alternatives to milk.

Interested parties can submit their comments at www.regulations.gov.

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