**A cold Spring, increased imports and a persistent labor shortage have challenged California avocado growers, as many kept fruit hanging on trees in search of market opportunities.

Terry Splane, VP of marketing at the California Avocado Commission, says an oversupply drove down prices offered by retailers and packinghouses.

As a result, “growers have been hanging on … until prices rebound.”

Friends Celebrating 4th Of July Holiday With Backyard Party

**Celebrating the 4th of July with a cookout will cost significantly more than two years ago, although prices have fallen slightly from last year’s record highs.

Families will pay $67.73 to host an Independence Day cookout with ten family members or friends, based on the 2023 American Farm Bureau Federation market basket survey.

That grocery bill is down 3% from 2022, but still about 14% higher than just two years ago.

Beyond Meat's Fortunes Decline Amid Fierce Competition And Consumer Sentiment
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**The USDA gave two startup companies the go-ahead to sell lab-grown chicken.

GOOD Meat, a subsidiary of food tech company Eat Just, and UPSIDE Foods will be allowed to sell their products that have been cultivated from real animal cells.

Investopedia says chicken from GOOD Meat and UPSIDE has been declared safe to eat by the USDA.

Cultured meat, also called cell-based or lab-grown, uses stem cells from animal fat or muscle tissue to feed cells.

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