Embrace the plate of spicy food because If you feel the burn you just might, well, feel the burn!  Allow me to explain.

Sadly I can’t handle spicy food, but for those of you who can, spicy chow just might help you lose weight!   A new study reported in men’s Health and published in the journal Obesity Open Access suggests eating spicy foods could help you torch some extra calories.

Even thinking about the study makes me sweat --researchers gave some participants capsules of capsaicinoids, the component that gives chili peppers their heat while others got a placebo every day.

Scientists measured participants metabolic rates each hour for the following three hours.

They discovered those given the capsaicinoids burned off an extra 116 calories per day compared to the control group.  That in itself could be about a pound a month of weight loss. (if you spiced it up everyday!)

It's believed the capsaicinoids have a thermogenic effect, meaning the body creates more heat as it digests spicy morsels, burning more calories as it does.

I might burn a few extra calories just running back and forth for the refills on ice water!

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