I ran across an article about bad movies the other day. It got me to thinking about what I think is the worst movie I've ever seen.

I generally don't pick stinkers when I go to a movie. I like to read reviews online before I go, as long as they don't give too much of the plot away. I've never got up and walked out on a film, but I have been disappointed a time or two.

My pick for Worst Movie I've Ever Seen goes to....Spykids 3-D.

Here's why.

I could go on about misusing some decent actors, like the beloved Ricardo Montalban, or a very weak plot, or the fact that it was made for 7-12 year olds and not a 40-something father of one. (At the time)

The fact is, it's the only movie I've ever fallen asleep at. My then 5 year old daughter loved it! In fact, both my wife and I fell asleep!

Tell us what you think!