I really don't go in for horror flicks or scary movies any more, but one I saw over 30 years ago still stands out in my mind as the scariest I've ever seen.

It seems as I get older, I'm a little more selective about movies. I lean more toward comedies, still like a good western , or action adventure. Horror movies, not so much. To me slasher flicks are a waste of time, too much gore for gore's sake. Not a fan of the demonic-supernatural-possession type of movie, either. (I'm old school. You cannot top "The Exorcist")

But to this day, one movie stands out in my mind as the scariest movie I've ever seen. 1979's "Alien"

I was attracted to the sci-fi aspect of the film, the "blue collar" space exploration theme. It had great special effects for 1979, and the H.R. Geiger designed alien creature was fantastic. But to me, the scariest part of the movie was not seeing the alien pick off the crew of the Nostromo one by one. It was the anticipation, knowing that someone's demise was imminent, but inevitable. To me, that's scary!

What's the scariest movie you've ever seen? Leave us a comment and let us know.


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