Trump Supporters Hold "Stop The Steal" Rally In DC Amid Ratification Of Presidential Election
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What the heck happened last Wednesday (1/6/21) in our nation's Capitol?

Did mainstream Trump supporters lose their minds and do the break in?  Was the extreme left (Antifa) in disguise and blending with a huge crowd in order to have cover to gain access and then broke in to further discredit Trump and his supporters? Did the extreme right come to send a message to Congress and America that have had it and they are prepared to act to "save" the county.  Or was it something else?

Our Palm Harbor, Florida "roving reporter" Tim Bryce is a businessman, consultant, author, freelance writer and an occasional contributor to the Morning News and he has some insight in his latest column based on the account of some friends who were there.

"I happened to have two personal friends attend the function, and their account is in sharp contrast to the one depicted by the news media. They are a retired married couple... they are most certainly not “terrorists” as President-elect Biden labeled the group, nor did they support violence or were affiliated with terrorist groups like Antifa of BLM"

You'll recall the event was billed as the "Stop The Steal" rally. Hundreds of thousands of real Trump supporters poured into Washington, DC to urge Congress to investigate the questions of ballot irregularities and voter fraud before certifying the electoral college votes.

Bryce's eyewitness say they watched all the news coverage about the problem states and the lack of a reasonable response which is why, at 68 and 70 years of age, they made the trip to DC.

"So, where is the news on this story, probably the biggest story of the decade....THAT, is exactly why we went, to protest the lack of coverage and to ‘stop the steal.’ We are now witnessing corruption on a scale we never imagined here in America. It is on all sides, politicians, over 99% of media and virtually all of our courts are going along with the steal."

What about the charge that the President used his speech to whip the crowd into a frenzy using code words and "dog whistles" that supporters interpreted to mean - Break in to the Capitol, fight with police, threaten the elected and destroy federal and private property?  Crazy talk...especially if you were there.

" Trump gave an excellent speech about his hopes and fears for the future of America. He was certainly not advocating violence as the media has so gleefully proclaimed, after all he was simply stating what we already knew. He was being his usual blunt and straightforward self, expressing his concerns of a corrupted election and how terrible this will be for our country."

What happens next in their telling of their story is what most experienced and it had nothing to do with a riot.  I won't steal Tim's thunder as he concludes the story of Stop the Steal rally.  Read the rest for yourself.  Tim’s columns, see:

I will tell this, the eyewitness account of the day and the media follow up generated a concluding statement of "God help us.”


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