Credit: Daily Mail
Credit: Daily Mail

What do Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Chris Pine Chris Hemsworth and Frank Sinatra all have in common?  They all have beautiful blue eyes and because of that, the all are distant relatives!

It seems we all have those shirttail relatives that perhaps we haven't met, but that we know they are out there somewhere -- the second cousin twice removed on your mother's side kind of relative.  But get this. If you have blue eyes, then you are distantly related to EVERY blue eyed person out there!

According to Tech Insider, new research finds that every blue-eyed person on earth comes from one common ancestor.  The research says that this universal ancestor lived anywhere between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago and carried a mutated gene that caused blue eyes, which hadn't existed before.

People with blue eyes have a gene that switches off another gene which determines how much brown pigment our eyes show. When brown pigment turns off the eyes appear blue.  Seems blue eyes owe it all to blue genes!

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