Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. There are literally dozens of different names applied to the legendary, enormous-footed, hairy, apelike-man that has been said to roam North American lands for centuries. Native American Tribes almost unanimously have tales of sightings of a creature so elusive, that no skeletal or DNA evidence has ever been found.


I'm not sure we should feel proud of or lucky about this statistic, but, Washington State leads the rest of the USA be quite a wide margin with over 678 reported sightings - the most recent of which was in Clallam County in June of this year. The official report included chilling details:

On June 22, 2020; I was parked just outside the Swan Bay launch site at Ozette Lake on a logging road. About a 1/4 mile from the launch site heading east take a left onto the logging road into the clear cut. I parked approx a 1/4 mile in and my RV could be seen by the road.

The man, along with his wife and 15 year-old-son, were camping and enjoying the beauty of the Olympic Peninsula, when they encountered 'the howl'. With limited vocabulary, the frightened soul provides little more than a perfunctory account:

We has built a fire and when the sun had set I mentioned to my wife that Sasquatch's are known to answer howls. I am on the BFRO site 4-days a week to track sightings and am a firm believer after reading Dr. Meldrum's book: Sasquatch-Legend Meets Science. I made a howl like the 1994 Moaning Howl Ohio call recording on this site. I am a trained vocalist and can project my voice loudly. I cupped my face and let out a howl. Its was answered.

There's more to this terrifying encounter:

I was facing east and let out a howl every 30-60 seconds that was answered progressively closer. Astonished, I kept it up and the return was always closer. My wife fled to into the RV in fear. My son would not come out. I was not in fear but in hopes of seeing a Sasquatch. I did not have my cell phone with me to record the sasquatch returning howls. I grabbed my .44 magnum revolver (just in case) and a flashlight scanning the trees in hopes to see a illuminated red pair of eyes.

Whether the brandishing of his pistol was what scared-off Bigfoot or not, there would be no confrontation with a red pair of eyes gazing back at him and no further howling (save for his own) that day.

When it comes right down to it there are three prevailing beliefs about Sasquatch's existence:

  1. It's all a hoax. Never has been, never will be a 'Bigfoot' carcass discovered because there is no-such-thing.
  2. The HOWLING as described by so many over the years, can be explained away as the noise created by an animal with an unusual condition - causing them to release a sound that is not typical. Say, an ELK for example.
  3. Bigfoot is real, elusive and always getting the last laugh. Perhaps there is an underground system of tunneling that allows the population of this 'species' to roam undetected.

Practically everything that is known about Bigfoot is available on this site:

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