The Best Trivia Night Spots in the Yakima Valley


Trivia nights are quickly becoming the next new IT thing in the Yakima Valley. For a lot of us geeks and nerds, trivia nights have been a thing to do in Yakima for years. I have been at quite a few trivia nights at places like the Yakima Sports Center and a local brew pub. If you keep your eyes open, you'll see that more and more trivia night spots are popping up all over the place, which makes my geeky heart happy.

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Trivia Night Sign
Sean Benesh on Unsplash

The first thing you have to do when you want to play a trivia night around the Yakima Valley is find about three or four other friends who feel just just as passionately about trivia and knowledge of facts as you. This is the time where you call upon your know-it-all friends because it's their time to shine!

The next thing you and your three or four friends need to do is come up with a really fun and catchy little trivia team name. You might want to pick a name that will make people giggle or smirk when it gets called out as all the team scores get revealed at the end of each trivia round. Picking a name that has an inside joke amongst you and your friends is also an extra fun thing to do for trivia nights on the town.


The most important thing to remember when you're playing trivia night in the Yakima Valley is, well, actually it's a tie. Number one, no cheating!! Everyone around you can see if you are Googling the answers on your cell phone or texting your "smart buddy" underneath the table and take it from me, the other trivia night teams will hate you for it. My friends and I caught a team cheating and it was no bueno! Number two, is to remember to always have a good time when you're playing trivia night. It's so much fun to play with your friends even if you lose, plus it's just fun to hang out and be somewhere else other than home.

Something else you might want to remember is that even though the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have lessened, wearing a face mask may be strongly encouraged at some of these establishments, so bring one with you just in case!


Now you've got some fun options to play trivia night in the Yakima Valley.

Enjoy a fun trivia night out on the town at one of these top places in Yakima:

  • Single Hill Brewing, 102 N Naches Ave
  • Valley Brewing Co., 3215 River Rd
  • Game and Grog, 118 S 1st St
  • Hop Capital Brewing, 2920 River Rd, #6 (Geeks Who Drink)

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