I love going to the Central Washington State Fair. There is always something new and exciting. Deep-fried Oreos has so far been my favorite food. Of course the music is always fantastic. But my favorite thing at the fair is Maybelle.

Michele and I stopped by to take a look at the fake milk cow -- it's so cute. She even talks to you. And you can milk her udders. Not quite like you do a normal cow where you have to go high up and pull down. Since it's just water you're milking, all you have to do is squeeze.

It is a fun way for everyone to understand what people that own a farm go through every single morning.

It's not an easy task.

But my favorite drink will always be milk. So thank you to those who milk cows every day so I can have my milk.

Townsquare Media/Michele Mathews
Townsquare Media/Michele Mathews