Hey Everybody.  We want to invite you to Beer Friday tomorrow 3/18/22.

Ok, what's Beer Friday?

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Have A Beer Backstory

Good question.  it started back in the early days of the Coronavirus when Newsman Lance Tormey decided it would be fun to gather with our radio listeners to meet someplace for a beer, some fun conversation, and in an attempt to claim some normalcy in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis.

We initially met outdoors on the beautiful grounds of the Bron Yr Aur brewery where we could socially distance and let a lovely breeze blow the Virus away!  It was there where we met face to face with some fabulous folks who we now consider friends. Jerry and his amazing ladies and all their yummy snacks, the sharp and funny Jake and his patriot daughter, Manson, Byron and Moocah the wonder dog, Larry Adams, Karen, Janet, Mia, Carol, and so many others.  Great folks one and ALL.

When the weather got cold we moved indoors at Hoops, Old Town Pump, and a few other places where the beer was cold, food was available and there was room for our group which varied in size from Friday to Friday.

Come For The Beer, Stay For The Talk

The one requirement needed was an ambiance that allowed for conversation.  Do we talk conservative politics? Sure, but not exclusively.  Hobbies, interests, stories, jokes, current events, family all are fair game for gab and it's really a fun experience to be in the company of so many folks who love their community and their Country.

There is no secret code or handshake! Everyone is welcome to hang out with us. Jacksonian is a regular and Lance and I are there as our schedules permit, but we don't have to be there for it to be a great experience because of the people who do come.

IMPORTANT NOTE - I wish we could cover the cost... but we can't, (hey, it's radio) so the beer or beverage of choice (and the munchies) are on you ... and nobody will care if you have a drink or not....just save a french fry for Moocah

The Commander Said Come On Down!

But here's why this particular invite is special. The veterans of VFW Post 379 have invited us to join them at their facility at 118 S 5th Ave, in Yakima for beer Friday!  The club is home to the Veterans Of Foreign Wars, our hero patriots, and on most days it is closed to the public but they want to meet YOU, our great listeners.

They are excited to have us in on Friday and hang out, visit and even stay for their Friday Favorite Prime Rib Dinner.  The Vets are awesome, our listeners are awesome and it should be a ton of fun and great conversation, so if you can, please plan to join us at the VFW Post 379, tomorrow, at about 3 to 3:30 ish!

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