Through the Beef Counts Program, Washington beef producers will put nutritious beef roasts into the hands of hungry families across Washington State.


Teamed up with Second Harvest and Food Lifeline, Washington's farmer and ranchers have been able to provide over 346,000 servings of beef to neighbors in need. Without the beef, only 4% of the food distributed to families and seniors in need is high-quality protein. That works out to less than one ounce of protein per day for the average family of four, which falls way short of the USDA recommended six ounces of protein per day to maintain a healthy diet.

Washington's Beef Community will hold a rollover auction to raise funds for Beef Counts on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 at the Toppenish Livestock Auction. Last year, Washington's Beef Community raised over $37,000 through the auction of a donated steer.

On Wednesday, Dec. 12, Local farmers and ranchers will personally hand out beef roasts to their neighbors in need. The distributions include additional fresh and frozen food items that make it possible for food bank clients to create nutritious, balanced meals at home. The distribution will be held at the Toppenish Community Chest from noon to 2 p.m.

You can get more information and make a donation here.