The Better Business Bureau is out with a warning Today about sharing high school graduation pictures on Facebook. Many people are posting pictures of seniors in the graduating class of 2020 because they wont' be able to participate in the usual fun senior activities because of the pandemic. Some people are even posting their own senior pictures with the hashtag #classof2020.
The Better Business Bureau says scammers are using the information to hack bank accounts because the information gives hints at online security questions. Scammers for example with the information about where you graduated high school can Google the school and find out the mascot name, another common security question. With more work online scammers can find information about your family members, your real name if your account is in your married name, your address and your birth date. All that information can be used by smart scammers to gain information on you and your banking accounts. The BBB says if you have senior portraits and school information on Facebook remove it Today.

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