Bayer CropScience has decided to drop attempts to challenge cancellation of its registration for the insecticide flubendiamide, which it had sold under the trade name Belt. The company made the announcement yesterday, Bayer also said it would not pursue “a new, full registration for flubendiamide,” which could have taken years.

Egg producers under the gun to remove cages from farms and this could cost them at least $5.6 billion dollars as the industry makes the conversion to cage free habits in response to restaurant chains. According to the USDA currently only 10 percent of 300 million laying hens nationwide are raised without cages and that includes organic farms. By 2025 farms will need to install habitat for an additional 140 million hens at a cost of $40.00 per bird. While the USDA forecasts say this will cost the industry $5.6 billion dollars the United Egg Producers fear it could be closer to $8 billion.