• Two quarantines on backyard bird flocks have been lifted. One in Oregon and one in Washington State after birds tested positive for avian influenza.

    A quarantine in southwest Idaho remains in effect. Avian influenza naturally resides in wild birds and it is fairly common for waterfowl to carry various strains of the virus.

    At no time over the last several weeks has the poultry industry been affected with low risk to public health. The virus has not been detected in commercial poultry operations.

    Backyard bird owners should monitor their flock closely and report sick or dead birds to your local Department of Agriculture.

  • A federal district court has dismissed its lawsuit seeking to block the EPA from releasing the personal information of livestock and poultry farmers and ranchers in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

    The court decided no federally permitted livestock or poultry farmer is injured by such disclosure because the Clean Water Act mandates disclosure of information concerning permit issuance.

    For those without a permit - it concluded EPA’s distribution of their personal information does not result in any injury to the farmer.