Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says his office is ready to count ballots in Tuesday's primary election while also protecting employees and the public from COVID-19. Ross says the county has worked to create safe work spaces for employees in the Yakima county Auditors office by adding divider shields and moving desks to create more space for social distancing. Plastic dividers and floor markings in public areas keep employees and the public safe. Instead of shifts of workers preparing and counting ballots only one shift is working.
So far nearly 30,000 of the more than 119,000 ballots sent to registered voters have been returned to the auditors office. Ross says he expects a 25 to 30 percent turnout when the election is over. Ross says if you haven't voted your ballot you still have time. You can drop it in a drop box or in the mail since no stamp is required. If you haven't registered to vote you can do that in person on election day at the Yakima County Auditors Office which is open inside the Yakima County Courthouse where masks are required.

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