Camping in a parking lot might seem a crazy idea in the best of weather, but when it is January for a good cause, it seems extraordinary.

Area Boy Scouts will be in front of Cabela's on Saturday, after spending Friday evening in the parking lot, collecting donations of food and money to give to Northwest Harvest in what they are calling "Stuff the Tent."

The idea came from Skookum District camping chair, who was inspired by other organizations that camped out in front of grocery stores for similar fundraising purposes. He told KIT News that Scouts already camped in the winter for fun, so why not make it mean something?

Dylan Giles, a Scout for eight years who is working to become an Eagle Scout, loves projects that get him involved in the community.

"It makes me feel great," he said, "because we're helping a good cause, getting food to people who need it."

The Boy Scouts will be collecting food starting at approximately 9 a.m. at Cabela's and supermarkets around Yakima.

The food will be delivered by the group on Monday, Jan. 26.

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