Equine Influenza Scare Leads to Racing Cancellation

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Are men the weaker sex when it comes to colds and flu? Looks like a big fat, watery eyed, runny nosed yes.

The common wisdom has been that men are said to handle being sick worse than women do.  Does that ring any bells in your sick bay?

A recent study reported in the U.K. paper The Sun, confirmed that men do indeed call in sick and go to the doctor with common colds more frequently than women do.

A poll of 2,000 adults shows 55 percent of women say their significant other regularly "exaggerates" cold symptoms. In fact, more than a third of those polled said illness caused arguments in their relationship.

Where is the love fellas when it's just over 50 percent of women who said they show signs of sympathy when their partner is sick.

And so we soldier on, many of alone, with 63 percent of men claiming we've bravely 'battle through' the flu, but experts say it's more likely that men really just had a cold they thought was the flu.  Truth being told, it's much more difficult to power through flu symptoms than it is a cold.  (The Sun)


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