Another delay Monday in the West Valley Triple murder case against Tracy Culton.

Her trial date was pushed back several months and is raising questions whether this could be a repeat of mishaps we saw in the Kevin Harper trial.

Culton was supposed to go on trial next month for in the deaths of Bill, Pauline and Bettye Goggin.

But, her attorney says evidence is still coming into him and he's not ready for trial.

Remember Kevin Harper's case where his lawyer claimed prosecutors were slow to turn over court documents.

In a courtroom Monday, the judge also asked whether Culton's attorney jail calls were accessed like Harper's, in which prosecutors adamantly said no.

The trial judge wanted to make sure this case runs more smoothly than the Harper case.

"I'm not going to make what I view to be the court's mistake in Harper where I kind of trusted that the attorneys were going to work these things out and they were going to happen," said Yakima County Superior Court Judge Ruth Reukauf."

All evidence should be turned over to Culton's attorneys by the end of the year.

Prosecutors say they're waiting for results from DNA testing and that detectives are still conducting interviews.