Welcome to Episode SIX of: 'Tater Thoughts': Musings of a Golden Retriever.

From the fertile mind of Tater Tot Stephenson, the golden retriever member of the Stephenson family. (By the way, for the record, my mind is all that is fertile, following the neutering incident of 2020).

To my many fans, I'm sorry it's been about a month since I last shared my 'thoughts' with you but I've been really busy this summer. I have another long weekend of digging inappropriate holes in the yard, barking at the lawn-care people, jumping in and out of the water feature pond and then, of course, running full speed through the doggie-door into the house where I'll proceed to get mud and wetness everywhere Mom has just mopped and then plop down on the couch -- only, not on my designated 'towel-covered-area' but right on the part where Pops likes to sit. I think they like it because every time I do it - they jump up and sort of cheer or yell or whatever it is that humans do at a football game.

You'll have to excuse my tendency toward logorrhea. I have much to say and so little time. Which is why I'm including some pictures from the walk I took Pops on tonight.

Brian Stephenson

It's important for me to lead the way on our walks. Pops doesn't know where he's going half the time and it's hard for him to keep up. Incidentally, notice the way the setting sun glimmers off of my lovely golden hair? Oh my, what's happened to me?! I should probably have my own YouTube Channel. Stay tuned for the big payoff video.

Brian Stephenson

First stop: smelling the lovely flowers. Pops mistakenly refers to them as daisies every time. Sheesh! Doesn't he know a Black-Eyed Susan when he sees them? Guess not.

Brian Stephenson

This next stop is one of my favorites in the neighborhood.

Brian Stephenson

First time we walked by, Pops thought it was a birdhouse. It's a Little Library. I've sniffed so many interesting books. Interestingly, the Winston Churchill bio had the most memorable smell. Must have been the scotch and cigars.

Now, for the featured performance you've all been pining for. Yes, I whistle!

Next episode, I'll have an update on the grand opening of a new pub in town. It's named after me and it's being planned and constructed in my Mom's she-shed. She's lost her mind and is turning it into a pub called 'Tater O'Casey's'. Stay tuned. Tater Out!!

Lori Stephenson

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