Six weeks out from Thanksgiving and maybe the number one thing to be thankful for this year is that you aren't traveling for Thanksgiving!

Fox News reports the global pandemic has slowed down people’s travel plans this year and that could impact your Thanksgiving plans if you intend to fly anywhere.  How significant is the drop off? "The number of travelers passing through TSA checkpoints dropped to fewer than 100,000 on several days earlier this year when there had been more than 2 million travelers on the same day a year earlier, according to the federal agency."

U.K.-based aviation analytics firm OAG reports that as of late September, American Airlines and United Airlines had only about 25 percent as many bookings for November as they did a year earlier, and Delta Airlines had just 12 percent. The group says it’s a big problem for the airlines facing fewer bookings, more passengers using vouchers because of previously canceled travel plans, and lower yields due to diminished demand.

So what's the problem then for flying on Thanksgiving if the flights are nearly empty?

The problem is -will there even be a flight or perhaps a last minute change of the airlines plans that don't match up with your plans!

" OAG predicts about half of the flight bookings in November could end up being changed as the airlines will likely cut their schedules. Depending on the airline, those flight changes could come with only three to five weeks’ advanced notice."

A turkey leg in hand, staying safe at home and grandma taking a zoom meeting to share the details on that special family gravy recipe, looks to be the way Thanksgiving 2020 will go down for millions of us!   (hey, it's only 80 days until 2021!)

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