The House Agriculture Committee held a public hearing on Tuesday to examine the costs and impacts of states implementing mandatory biotechnology labeling laws. Last year - 30 different states introduced 125 bills mandating labeling of biotechnology. A Cornell Business School professor released a report that showed if mandatory labeling became law in New York - a family of four could pay an additional 500-dollars on average in annual food costs - and the state would incur an estimated 1.6-million dollars in costs to write and enforce the new regulations.

Michigan farmer and agronomist Jeff VanderWerff testified before the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation Operations on the value and risks of unmanned aircraft systems in agriculture. He says America’s farmers and ranchers embrace technology that allows their businesses to be more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly but he says the technology doesn’t come without potential risks. He says it’s critical that the data from unmanned aircraft remain under the ownership and control of the farmer.

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