West Coast ports are nearing normal activity and lining up the backlog of shipments for movement. As the recent agreement allowed a settlement to the issue’s along the west coast farm groups are calling for more long-term improvements at the ports. Some are worried similar problems could happen in the next five years since the recent labor agreement is in place for the next five years only. The Agriculture Transportation Coalition said “we know that even upon ratification, clearing up the congestion will take months. And ultimately, if U.S. agriculture is to recover, we will need to see West Coast ports become more efficient, more productive than they were before the contract expired and the disruption initiated.”

Taiwanese officials announced over the Weekend the country has banned imports of Canadian beef. That mean Taiwan is now the fifth country to do so following the confirmation of BSE in a Canadian beef cow. It’s the first confirmation of BSE in Canada since 2011. The Taiwanese ban comes a year after the two countries signed an arrangement to expand market access to include Canadian bone-in beef and other specified beef products from animals under 30 months of age.


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