**Even with China anchoring dairy export totals, the total value of U.S. dairy exports was up 6% in May, reaching the highest level in four years at $539.1 million.

The U.S. Dairy Export Council reports higher values were fueled by an increase in cheese exports and improved world prices.

According to milkbusiness.com, overall volume of U.S. dairy exports is on track to be the third highest on record, despite the heavy anchor China is placing on product sales.

**Bacillus thuringensis, or Bt crops are used around the world in corn, cotton, soybean and eggplant. More than 20 nations have at least 2,471 acres of the genetically modified crops, with many in the 80-to-upper-90% range of use.

Agweb.com reports, in the U.S., at least 80% of corn and 85% of cotton crops use insect-resistant traits. That’s a sharp jump from 2001 when just 19% of corn and 37% of cotton growers used Bt traits.

**The Ag Economy Barometer rebounded in June, jumping 25 points to a reading of 126.

Agrimarketing.com reports, the barometer is based upon a nationwide monthly survey of 400 U.S. ag producers.

The largest increase was in the Future Expectations Index, which rose 33 points compared to a 13-point improvement in the Current Conditions Index.

The rise in the Index of Future Expectations effectively wiped out the two-month decline in future expectations that took place during April and May.

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