**As fewer corporations seize greater control over the food and farm sectors, National Farmers Union joined 34 organizations calling on elected officials and presidential candidates to address corporate consolidation in the livestock and poultry markets.

NFU President Roger Johnson says “While just a handful of multi-national corporations have been allowed to exert more control over every step of the ag supply chain, farmers and ranchers have been left to cope with higher production costs, fewer marketing choices, and unfair and abusive business practices."

**Stock prices for Beyond Meat rose nearly 10% after the company’s new product announcement called “Beyond Beef,” identified as “plant-based ground” that’s now being rolled-out nationwide.

According to drovers.com, the company says Beyond Beef is designed to taste and look more like traditional ground beef, that includes marbling. It’s made from a combination of pea, mung bean and rice proteins. A four-ounce serving has 20 grams of protein.

**Results of a new study on climate change indicate North America is better-positioned for crop production than many food-producing regions.

The University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment’s Deepak Ray says they analyzed how climate change influences yield in the world's ten most common crops.

He tells agrimarketing.co, "To our surprise, in North America, Latin America and in China showed overall increases, or benefits of the change in weather patterns."

The study shows Europe, Southern Africa and Australia as the most negatively affected.

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