**Just how big an impact could trade tariffs have on the dairy industry?

Agweb.com reports, a Texas A&M study shows trade tariff impacts and the potential loss of the Chinese and Mexican markets would be extremely costly to U.S. dairy producers.

A 25% tariff enacted by China on U.S. dairy products resulted in a 42% drop in exports to the country between July and August.

The study examined three trade scenarios, estimating losses from $129.7 million to $798.5 million in U.S. dairy exports per year.

**The EPA has proposed a rule that would amend emergency release notification regulations, making it clear air emissions reporting for animal waste is not required for livestock operations.

According to agweb.com, Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler signed the provision amending the emergency release notification regulations.

If finalized, the proposed rule would give livestock producers more certainty regarding regulations.

**Deals struck by the U.S., Mexico and Canada in renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement promise new trading opportunities for U.S. farmers, but the Trump administration’s trade wars and tariffs that go with them more than negate the potential gains.

That’s according to a new study presented by the Farm Foundation.

Agri-Pulse reports, Perdue University research professor Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, says the USMCA is a significant boost, but retaliatory tariffs being levied on

U.S. farm commodities by Mexico, Canada, China and others threaten to far outweigh gains from the pact.


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