**The Renewable Fuel Standard has lowered gas prices by an average of 22 cents per gallon in recent years and saved the typical American household $250 annually.

That’s according to a study by economist and energy policy expert Dr. Philip K. Verleger, Jr.

The report also found if ethanol was eliminated from the fuel supply, as some opponents have advocated, gas prices would surge by more than $1 per gallon.

**Put down your breakfast, because most Americans gag at the thought of eating maggots.

But, Louwrens Hoffman, a meat science professor at University of Queensland, in Australia, is exploring how insects might be used to meet the growing demand for protein.

He tells agweb.com, conventional livestock industries will not be able to meet the worldwide demand for meat, and alternatives will be needed.

Hoffman's distasteful research indicates it might be easier to swallow if they were processed and prepackaged as things like maggot breakfast sausage or insect ice cream. Sure!

**Bayer shares continue to slide after being hit last week by a whopping $2-billion jury award over its Roundup herbicide, a sharp escalation in the chemical giant's legal woes.

Agrimarketing.com reports the fall comes after Bayer's third Roundup defeat in 10 months after a California jury found in favor of a couple blaming the weed killer for causing their cancer.

Bayer is appealing all verdicts, arguing Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate are safe to use.

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