Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

**U.S. red meat exports raced to a record performance in March with pork and beef exports each posting the highest monthly value ever, reaching a combined total of nearly $1.6 billion.

Pork exports also set a new VOLUME record at nearly 295,000 metric tons, despite shipments to China/Hong Kong being lower year-over-year.

Beef exports topped $800 million for the first time in March, fueled by solid growth in South Korea and a surge in exports to China.

**Produce truck rates are up 70% or more compared with a year ago, and industry sources says relief may not be coming anytime soon. reports, in the USDA’s Fruit and Vegetable Truck Rate Report for May 4, truck shortages were noted in Nogales, Arizona, all of California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina and central Washington.

Slight shortages were noted in Georgia, Oregon, Idaho, south Texas and Washington’s Columbia Basin.

**Noting climate goals outlined by the Biden administration will have real, on-the-ground implications for farmers and ranchers, the California Farm Bureau is urging the administration to listen to those voices as it fleshes out its “30 x 30” plan.

California Farm Bureau President Jamie Johansson says the administration’s plan appropriately acknowledges the role agriculture already plays and can play in addressing climate change, but says we must acknowledge that as it’s implemented.

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