**Overproduction of milk could continue to impact the dairy market in 2019.

Stewart-Peterson senior market advisor, Naomi Blohm tells agweb.com, the last milk production report from USDA showed an increase of 0.6% for milk despite few cows, saying it’s coming down, but not on the pace it needs to come down.

Milk overproduction can be attributed to increasing efficiency of producers who have maximized genetics and feed stuffs while investing in technology.

Another pitfall of the increasing milk supply is an overabundance of cheese.

**U.S. farmers may receive noticeably less in Trump tariff payments than originally expected. That’s according to a senior USDA official.

Ag Undersecretary, Bill Northey tells agriculture.com, an estimated two thirds of the Trump payments were made by the start of January, a little over $5 billion of the maybe $8 billion we expect to make in mitigation payments.

The payments, from the Market Facilitation Program, were created by the administration to offset impacts of the trade war on U.S. agriculture.

**Representatives Mike Bost, of Illinois, and Al Lawson, of Florida, introduced bipartisan legislation to make more USDA apprenticeships available to veterans.

According to agwired.com, the Veterans’ Agricultural Apprenticeship Act instructs the USDA to work with state departments of agriculture to identify farmers and ranchers eligible for a direct loan to train apprentice veterans.

The loan would, in turn, be paid back to the USDA after the harvest season.

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