**With food prices stabilizing, an annual American Farm Bureau survey shows little to no change in the average cost for items featured in a summer cookout.

The survey tracks retail prices for a dozen popular cookout items, and shows them down less than 1% from a year ago, but up 8% compared to 2019.

A Farm Bureau analyst says the food system continues to adjust after disruptions caused by the pandemic.

**What worries you most about the produce business right now?

A recent poll conducted by the LinkedIn Fresh Produce Industry Discussion Group asked that very question of 173 international produce industry operators and their responses hit on three big topics.

According to www.thepacker.com, 46% said higher costs, 21% said the drought and water shortages in Western states, and 18% said the state of the economy.

Labor and staffing shortages were also a big concern.


**Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack is applauding the Federal Trade Commission after its vote to strengthen enforcement of the Made in USA standard.

Vilsack says USDA will complement the FTC’s efforts with our own initiative on labeling.

He says American consumers depend upon accurate, transparent labels to obtain important information about the food they consume. And, our farmers and ranchers also depend on those same labels to convey information about their products that consumers value and demand.

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